Avalon Bay Air fryer(AB-Airfryer100B)

Air fryers can be really useful considering the benefits we tend to gain from them. They help to significantly reduce the problems with fat and too many calories that have always been associated with deep frying. Though the taste of air-fried foods may not be on par with that of deep frying, the health benefits outweigh the slight reduction in taste. The Avalon Bay Air fryer is one of those air fryers with lots of benefits in addition to its importance as a healthy cooking appliance, let’s check out this superb product for its amazing features, it may just be what your kitchen has been missing.

Product Description

The Avalon Bay Air fryer makes use of rapid air circulation technology to air fry your food with hot air. It does this at a temperature as high as 400F.  Aside from its quality performance, the air fryer also has this plush exterior design to add a touch of beauty and deluxe to your kitchen.

The Avalon Bay features a 3.5-liter oil-less basket compartment for frying, roasting, and grilling. It also comes with 2-piece baking set alongside a recipe book. There is a 30-minute automatic timer shut-off, a non-slip detachable basket for easy food transfer as well as a withdrawable handle for transport.

The Air fryer offers the opportunity to enjoy your favorite dishes of fried foods in a safe and healthy way. This product comes in various colors but our Avalon Bay Air fryer review will be focused on the black model, it should be noted that all these different color models have the same features.


Why You Should Need the Avalon Bay Air fryer

If you are asking why you need this gizmo, I’ll answer you with a brief statement; not many things are as important as a safety and quality-focused design. This air fryer not only gives you enjoyment without worries, it also has a lot of features that will ease your experience with using it.

Features of the Avalon Bay Air fryer AB-Airfryer100B

  • Basket Capacity: The 3.7quarts mesh basket is circular in shape and will contain around four to six chicken drumsticks, enough to go round for the family. It is about 3.5 inches deep and about 8 inches wide.
  • Versatility: The Avalon Bay Air fryer offer a wide range of cooking options that includes frying, baking and much more simultaneously. This is down to two important features, the wide temperature range and the availability of the detachable basket, pan, and racks for various uses.
  • Temperature: The air fryer has a temperature range between 175F to 400F which can be adjusted by dials. This can also be timed and actually goes off after 30 minutes of inactivity to save you from worries. These options allow you to cook your choice of food to your choice of taste.
  • Safety & Build Quality: Everything about the Avalon Bay air fryer XL screams safety and quality. The in-built timer, the non-slip detachable basket, the non-BPA interior plastic components and the overall safe healthy meal makes the air fryer a highly safe addition to your kitchen.
  • Ease of Use: The Avalon Air fryer has two dials for easy use, one for temperature control and the other for time setting. The non-slip detachable mesh basket also ensures easy transfer of food. It is also easy to clean up after every cooking session.
  • Technology: The Avalon Bay Air fryer has some pretty innovative technology giving it a slight of an edge over some other air fryers. The technology behind its operation is a rapidly rotating XL fan that helps to remove the oil present in the food, allowing the oil to drop through the basket mesh. This process makes the cooked food crisp on the outer surface and tender on the inside, almost same as you get with deep frying.
  • The Cheat Sheet: It is a visual aid above the two dials to guide you in choosing the appropriate temperature for various types of foods. It saves time to guide you without having to go through pages of the recipe book.

These features among many others give the Avalon a competitive advantage over many of its contemporaries. With the Avalon Bay air fryer, you get a very safe and healthy food from a fast and easy to use and clean appliance.

The Avalon Bay Air fryer Accessories

The air fryer comes with a detachable non-slip meshed basket. It also has a rack and a pan giving you the opportunity to cook several types of food simultaneously.

How to Use the Avalon Bay Air fryer

The detachable basket is the major reason why it is easy to use the Avalon Air fryer. You could transfer food for cooking, in and out easily. The detachable basket is also dishwasher safe and non-sticky making it easy to clean after use.


  • It is very easy to use and clean.
  • The size is also sufficient even for the whole family.
  • It can be timed to achieve your desired cooking result.
  • The cheat sheet also saves you time if you need to get things done quickly without having to scan through the recipe book.
  • It handles foods in different conditions very well, whether they may be frozen or pre-packaged.
  • Incredibly affordable despite the top-notch quality.
  • Excellent customer care services as reported by many users.


There are a few things that can be improved upon.

  • The size of the air fryer is a bit large and will take a spacious kitchen to bring out the beauty in the product.
  • It doesn’t come with a detailed cookbook.

Final Verdict

The Avalon Bay Air fryer is incredibly affordable and tends to give more value and quality in return for the relatively affordable price. This is probably due to the low popularity of the brand at the moment. This presents an opportunity for you to get a tested and trusted air fryer for your kitchen at a pretty good bargain. It is an absolutely nice choice of air fryer giving out more than its getting.

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Air fryers offer a healthy and safe chance to enjoy your favorite meals. With the Avalon Bay Air fryer, you no longer have to worry about the fat or calories. You get to eat safe and healthy with this affordable piece of technology.

Should you decide to go the safe and healthy way, the Avalon Bay Air fryer is a highly reliable companion to do your air frying.

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