Common Router Problems and Corresponding Solutions

We are in the digital age where our lives depend entirely on the web. When you connect your Wi-Fi and your internet is not working; frustration will set in. You try entering your entire log-in details and nothing shows up? You are experiencing router problems. The reason for no connection can be attributed to several factors. We shall discuss the issues and possible solutions to each of them in this article. The problems in most cases are very simple and you can easily troubleshoot for them as you are about to read shortly.

Problems might arise due to internet bills

We shall begin with this very simple check that might be the cause of the loss of internet connection. You might forget to pay for your internet bills. This results in automatic disconnection from the internet. If you are in tune; then you can look for other areas.

Check your internet connections to the router

Make sure the CAT cables are plugged in properly. Partial contact might be the cause of the problem. Ensure that you are securely connected. Just like it; check for your password and ensure you input it rightly.

Try restarting your device to double-check

In some other instances when your internet connections are ok; the problem might be caused by your system. After taking the step above and the problem is not solved; try and restart your system. The problem will be resolved if your system is at fault when you restart it.

Router problems might be caused by an internet outage

 Where the steps above failed to yield fruitful results; then you can go ahead and check the internet connection of your service provider. If your provider is having an outage, there is no way you can connect your Wi-Fi. In that case, the problem is not from your end but is out of your control.

Run a search on Twitter or Google and you will see anyone in your area that is having such issues. If the worst is confirmed, you can use your cell phone as a hotspot to access Wi-Fi. If you want pro tips in this regard; you can draw inspirations through a credible Wi-Fi hotspot guide.

Check for people that are illegally making use of your Wi-Fi

In this era of online hackers, the router problems might be caused by people that are illegally using your router. You can easily find out the people that are on your network.

When you log in to the router’s interface with your mobile and run the check; you will see those that are on your network illegally. You can kick the intruders off your network and the problem will be resolved once and for all. Go ahead and change the password of your router to keep intruders in check permanently. Always remember to keep your password secret to avoid a repeat of the problem.

Make sure you are working on an IP address

If you are using a computer, then you must make sure that you are connected to a unique IP address that is working. If multiple devices are assigned to the IP address that you are using; then your computer will not perform well. It is important to make assurances doubly sure that your device is using a unique IP. You can follow the guide through Windows or Mac to get a unique IP address for your computer.

Technology is changing fast with each day

The problem that you are having with your connection might be due to outdated equipment that you are using that cannot match the technology of 2022. If your equipment is not matching the latest wireless standards, then you need a system upgrade. It will resolve all the router challenges that you are facing. Check the current standards with EEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers). There are five standards in place; you can check from the oldest to the newest and go for the ideal among the five on the list.

Router problems can arise due to a slow internet

When you are not able to download stuff very fast on the internet; it will make life very difficult. In that case, plug a laptop directly into your modem and test the speed of your internet. You can use a credible site to run the test.

If you did not get the right results; then the problem might be due to overcrowded devices. Change the channel on your router through the router settings.

If you are still experiencing issues after performing the functions above; then you can go for a factory rest on your router. Simply hold down on the reset button on your router using your paperclip. Within a space of 30 seconds; the router will default from factory settings.

If the slow internet is still in place after performing all the tricks above; then your router needs a replacement.             


We have you covered on steps that can be taken to correct common router problems. You are going to get any manner of problem resolved if you follow the tips that we have disclosed above. If you are still in doubt; then you can consult the service provider for the way out of the problem.     

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