How To Choose A Crib Mattress For Your Kids

Babies tend to sleep a lot in their early stages in life. The baby crib mattress has an important role to play if your baby is to get the best sleep that brings about sound health for the baby. A sound sleep is also important to the parent because they will have a fair share of rest that they are entitled to while the baby is sleeping.

You have to invest in the best baby crib mattress available online as a preliminary step to getting the best for your child but that is not all in all. There are other trips to follow if you are to get the results that will give you joy; it has to do with understanding the peculiar needs of your baby. We shall be giving details on both fronts this exclusive that we have for nursing parents below. Enjoy.

Expert Advice

Since the health and well being of the baby will be determined by the amount of sleep that the baby gets, it is important that parents are well informed on how best to go about getting the right baby crib mattress for their wards from the angle of view of the experts. The American Academy Of Pediatrics (AAP) would be of help here in giving the best advice to our readers on how to get the best that their kid deserved among the online models. The following should be noted:

The surface on which the baby sleeps should be flat.

Nothing should compete with the baby in the sleep space (blankets, soft toys, bumpers….). There should be no distraction of any sort according to AAP advice.

The best baby crib mattress must be firm, it should have the strength to support the full weight of the baby when they sleep on it.

There is nothing like sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS) as claimed by some manufacturers according to facts from AAP. Do not be swayed by sales contents from manufacturers to that effect.

AAP recommends that mattresses that meet the CPSC’s safety standards should be given consideration.

How To Choose A Crib Mattress For Your Kids

Types Of Crib Mattress 

Having done with the expert advice; let us now take a brief intro into the types of crib mattress that is available online for the moment:

Mess-Proofing– The mattress comes in different layers and the objective is to prevent liquids from seeping into it. This type consists of a core that is usually made from foam which ensures comfort for the limbs of the child. It is then covered by a barrier layer to prevent the entry of liquid. The top layer acts as the encore that will go all the way to give added peace to the child during sleep.

Harmful Chemicals– If you want to make assurances doubly sure on the health of your ward during sleep on their baby crib mattress; then you must go for the model that does not emit harmful chemicals. There are harmful chemicals referred to as VOCs which come from some of the models online. In other to avoid such, make sure the model is Green Guard certified.

Breathable Materials– Baby sweat is an issue with some of the models that are available online. By going for a breathable option will ensure that your baby sleeps on a surface that will not trap much heat.

Dual Sided Options– This is an economic option in the sense that they end up serving a dual purpose. There is the firm side made for sweet instant sleeping. When your child becomes a toddler, the sleep needs changes and you can now turn the baby crib mattress to the softer sleep surface.

Getting Your Baby To Sleep

Now having gone this far, it is important to state that the best materials will not give you all the benefits that you needed to get a sound sleep for your child. There is the factor of the parent which adds up to give the desired sound sleep that every parent dreams for their wards.

Your baby needs a safe sleeping space for expected results to be achieved through the baby crib mattress. The following conditions are also a must if expected results that will gladden the heart is to be achieved.

Temperature: It should be kept at a conducive level by using a fan or air circulation.

Dress: Make sure your child s dressed in a sleeper.

Hunger: It is suggested that you feed the infant every 2-3 hrs of the day.

Your Feel: Babies recognize the smell of their mother. Sleep with some of their beddings before their bedtime.

Light: You must keep their room dark and soothing.

Noise; Keep it low. Your child needs it during sleep; you can achieve this through an app or a noise machine.

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