BABY CRIB Buying Guide; Features And Parent’s Role In Getting The Best From It

Out of the 24 hrs in a day, your baby will spend 20 hrs of the months asleep. This is the reason why everything should be done to ensure that the baby has a good start in life by ensuring that the basics needed to get sound sleep is at the beck and call of the child. A wise investment in baby crib will do the magic.

What are the factors to consider before buying any model online? What about the best features? Every concerned parent must not forget the factor of safety of their ward. You are about reading how to get the right answers to all the questions asked above as a pathway to getting the best baby crib that will make life easy for your child during their sleep time.

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Before You Buy

It is important that you consider the following factors and figure them together before deciding on any of the models online:

The Material: The presence of the toxin polyurethane in most of the most finishing paints constitutes a health hazard to the child. Some of the woods used in the materials have volatile organic compounds (VOCs) which must be avoided. You look for BABY CRIBs that are made from 100% wood that is solid and from materials that are non-toxic in their finish.

The Slat Distance: There are slats in the crib; the distance between the slats should not be more than 6cm. This will prevent the legs or arms of the baby from getting stuck in-between the slats.

Safety Standards: There should be assurances on the safety of the model that is worth your investment from relevant bodies that mattered in the industry. For the very best results, ensure that the baby crib is Greenguard Gold Certified.

A Firm Mattress: It is strongly advised that you carry out a DIY on the mattress. Do not rely on what the manufacturer wants you to believe but make sure you actually have a feel of the firmness yourself. If you have your doubts, then you are advised not to buy.

The Height Of The Conner Post: It should be of an average height of 41cm which must be flush with the top of the headboard.

Investing In A Used Crib? Where your budget cannot afford a new baby crib and you are desperate for one which made you to go for a used model, then you have to make all assurances doubly sure towards ensuring that all the standard requirements are in place.

The Manual: Assembling the component part s of the crib is an exercise that should be handled with extra care. Make you use the manufacturers’ manual and the details should be followed to the letter. Where you are not clear, put a call to the customer care line.

If you are to get replacement parts, then it should be direct from the manufacturers to guide against having inferior parts.

The Baby Crib Features

If you desire the best baby crib; then you have to separate the boys from the men. The road to getting the best is not as easy people think; the majority of the manufacturers will only tell you what will make you click on the order now button on their icon. Take note of the following in addition to all that has been mentioned earlier if you wanted the best that is reserved for your baby:

You must avoid the following options online:

  • Avoid antique cribs
  • Hand-me-down cribs
  • Cribs with drop-down side rails
  • Make sure the spaces between the slats are at a uniform distance of not more six cm apart from each other.
  • The corner posts that will give the best for the child should not be more than 1/16 inches in height so as to prevent your baby’s clothing from getting caught.
  • Make sure there are no broken edges. You have to practically inspect this to make assurances doubly sure before you invest in nay baby crib.
  • The mattress should be firm enough in order to prevent SIDS (sudden infant death syndrome).
  • The mattress is expected to fit tightly against the crib frame

The Role Of The Parent

The best baby crib will fail if the human factor is not included which is needed to bring out the best results.

The following are our takeaways:

  • Make sure you place your child on his/her back inside the crib
  • Check and tighten all the screws regularly
  • Make sure the bed is bare without any object of attraction for the child
  • Never place the crib near a window or close to drapes
  • Sleep wears and slits should be flame retardant
  • Never hang toys by strings
  • Do not allow necklaces and bibs on your baby’s neck while in the crib.

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