How to Install Exhaust Fan in the Bathroom Window

The installation of an exhaust fan is not too complex. However, it cannot be handled effectively by beginners. If you want to undergo the process of how to install exhaust fan in bathroom window, then you must read our take away which will be of valuable help in getting the right results. It involves the removal of drywalls; drilling through joists and you have to bust through exterior walls or the roof.

The Right Model Is Important in How to Install Exhaust Fan in Bathroom Window

The starting point is landing the ideal model among the several online designs. Invest time into looking at the features that come with the fan. The best quality must have advanced features. Take a look at the warranty on the label; a six-month warranty will be adequate.

Some of the styles that are common in the market include:

* Fans only

* Fan-and-light combo

* Deluxe combo

The ideal vent that does a clinical job

When you have gotten the fan with advanced features with a commendable warranty; efforts should be made to get the right vents that will fit into the exact shape of the fan. If the hole is larger than the diameter of the fan; it will be difficult to fix the blower. When the hole is smaller; the fan will not fit into it in the first place. Measure the size of the fan before you create the vent hole.

Handling positioning

When you are with the fan with the best features; it is important to place it in the right place in the bathroom in other to achieve the best results from it. The ideal position is to place the fan close to the bathroom window. When you get it right, the stagnant air will be expelled more forcefully from the bathroom.


When you attach a vent to the fan, the exhaust from the fan will flow through the vent. Never make the mistake of venting the air into a living space. It should be directed outside the building. For best results; the vent should be short and straight as much as possible. This will deliver effective results on your efforts in how to install an exhaust fan in the bathroom window.

If you want to go for an economic option, then you can run the vent directly out of the wall. It is also more economical to take the vent out of the bathroom through a stark in the roof.

The door clearance

Another very technical aspect that you must be on the lookout for is the clearance of the door in your bathroom. The best model in the market will fail if the door clearance is not in the right dimension. Make sure the door has at least ¾ inch clearance from the floor. This will make it easy for makeup air to come in. It will replace the sucked-out air by the fan. This will reduce the stress on your fan.  


If you are in a cold climate, make sure you use insulated ductwork. This is to prevent condensation both inside and outside of the duct. When the fan is off, there should be a roof cap that will close immediately. The van should move enough cubic feet per minute of air out of the bathroom.  


We have you completely covered on steps in how to install exhaust fan in bathroom window. If you want to involve a professional, you should prepare a budget that is within the range of $150 to $700. It depends on the area to cover and your location at that point in time.

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