Are Metal or Wood Cribs Better?

It is important to make the nursery for a young infants very comfortable because they spend the greater part of their early days sleeping. Which crib should you go for between metal or wood cribs? Are metal or wood cribs better? We shall go into an analysis of the two with the objective of bringing out the merits and weaknesses of each of the two models. It will be easy to go for the preferred option among the two after reading our exclusive.

Individual benefits included in are metal or wood cribs better?

We are going to take the two models one after the other and take a look at their strengths on an individual basis. It should be stated here that the chief factor in making a choice between the two should be comfort and safety.

Metal crib

Monarch Hill Ivy Grey Metal Baby Crib | Little Seeds
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  • They are handcrafted. It is therefore easy to customize them for your personal use. You can get a personal theme for your nursery that will suit all your needs.
  • The safety of metal cribs manufactured after 2011 can be relied on; they are suitable for both children and adults.
  • The maintenance of the metal crib is very easy. It is simple to clean, and sanitization is inexpensive.
  • Another factor that weighs in favor of metal cribs when deciding whether metal or wood cribs are superior is their durability.
  • The child cannot bite into an iron crib as they would a wood crib.
  • It can be stored after the child has passed through the nursery stage for use by other children. This model will still retain its functions and shine.

Metal cribs come in elegant designs when compared to what is obtainable with wood cribs.

Wood crib

Near-natural environment in the nursery: Cribs made of solid wood - | Baby furniture sets, Rustic baby cribs, Crib bedding  boy
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  • One feature that is going good for wood cribs is the availability of several style options.
  • There are several fanciful colors that you can invest in among the models.
  • Another feature that is working well for the wood crib is the availability of convertible options.
  • An investment in one can be converted into about four different sizes.

There are more storage selections for the wood crib than what is seen with the metal crib. 

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What are the disadvantages seen in each of them?

We shall take a look at the cons that come with each of the models. This will throw more insight into the poser: are metal or wood cribs better?


  • The availability of metal cribs is an issue. The options that are available are very few.
  • Price is another factor. If you want to get one for your baby, then you must prepare for a hefty price.
  • They are very bulky and heavy. In most instances, they come with rollers, which ease the problem of moving them from one place to the other.
  • It takes a longer time to arrive when it is custom ordered.


  • It is not very durable compared to metals.
  • There is the risk of the child biting the wood.
  • Scratching of the paint that destroys the appeal of the wood crib is a possibility.


Wood and metal cribs have their individual pros and cons, as explained above. Now to the main question: are metal or wood cribs better? The choice between the two lies in your own personal preferences. As long as the standards set in 2011 for cribs are met, you can go for any of the two. If you are going for metal over wood, then you must prepare for an expensive order because of the price tag. The price is the line of difference between the two.

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