How Much Of Wireless Router Did You Know?

The wireless routers in the home is the reason why your smart home is held together magnificently. Much has happened in the sector; for the best of it in 2020, we have you covered here. Talk of Wi-Fi-6, gaming, and Mesh technology, we have your back covered.

The arrival of the new second-generation mesh network in 2020 has changed the outlook of router technology; the fact that the available options are trendier and less expensive adds more bite to the excitement that is currently sweeping through the sector.

We are in the era of surfing; streaming; gaming and much more and in times like this, the choice of your router will determine the success that you are going to make in the home. Everything boils down to your choice of wireless router among the online models. We are going to give a concise summary of what you need to know before making your choice and we are going to conclude with the must-have features of an excellent model for you in 2020 technology.

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Where Are The Right Reuters?

Smart homes and businesses must come to the party with the right wireless router if they are to remain competitive in this smart age where the competition for spaces is getting increasingly high with each day of the week. There are two important key factors to be considered before you invest in any of the smart technologies that are around you:

Radio Bands– Take a look at the radio bands; a router that will give you the edge must have two of such bands; 2.4GHz and a 5GHz band are a must. The 2.4GHz technology should be such that it is seamless with other devices that use the same frequency in your home or business premises.

The Wireless Protocols– The presence of wireless protocols is another great factor that must not be ignored. You need something that will give a smooth interface between sending and receiving data on your premises. The most popular among the Wi-Fi-protocols uses 802.11ac. One of the core advantages of having this 802.11ac is the fact that it allows Multi-User Mimo technology.

How To Extend Your Router

Before we go into the must-have features of an excellent wireless router, it is important to let you know that the best of the technology can experience a Wi-Fi dead zone in your premises. If that happens, the best way to solving the problem with relative ease is to employ a wireless range extender. It will effectively pick and amplify the signal and rebroadcast such.

You get this accessory; they are pretty easy to install and they are available in plug-in and desktop variations.

There are limitations here though; the signal is half of what you are going to get from the main signal. But glad to inform you that there are newer variations in the form of SSID that gives the same signal strength as that from the main router.

Must-Have Features

Now, let us look at the all-important aspect of the features that mattered which are considered as must-haves in any investment in wireless router technology. Do not go for names; it will not give you expected results. The focus should on what it is capable of performing when push comes to shove in the practical reality of things:

Security– This is one issue that calls for serious concern. The wireless router that you should invest in must be the one that has a router that supports WPA Enterprise. In that way, you are going to get the best in terms of security advantage and the peace of mind to carry out your business or personal endeavors on your premises.

Guest Wireless Network– For some people, they cannot do without people using their network. In that case, the guest wireless network feature will help limit the extent of access to your main data. It is must-have security against unwanted interference into your network.

Wireless On/Off Controls– You are likely going to experience an extended absence from your desk; looking at it differently, you might want to troubleshoot a particular problem and you will need to put off your Wi-Fi in both instances. The presence of this feature in a wireless router technology is a must.

USB Port– Sharing of your content across your network is very important. With a USB port, doing that will be easy.

IPv6 Support- IPv4 has been exhausted. If you want something fast and smooth from your wireless router, the feature must include IPv6 support.

Traffic Meter– You need to effectively monitor the upload and download consumption of your data. The traffic meter will give you clinical accuracy doing this. It is another feature that you should be on the lookout for.

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