How to Professionally Troubleshoot for Bathroom Exhaust Fan Problems

The bathroom is the most humid and moisture-prone area in the home. There is a need to put in place bath van vending technology. It is common to have bathroom exhaust fan problems that will make the bathroom unbearable. What are the causes and what can be done to rectify the problem?

We shall be taking a look at likely problems and how they can be solved. What you are about reading is simple DIY fault detection techniques that will help in getting back the groove of your exhaust fan.

Check if the breaker tripped

 When you realized that there is no power to your exhaust; check your circuit breaker. Check your electrical panel box and correct any of the breakers that have tripped off. Normalcy will be restored.

When the GFCI circuit is faulty

If the problem of power failure is not caused by the breaker; you can as well go ahead and look at the GFCI. This circuit has two buttons; the reset and test button. The function of this in the bathroom is to prevent electrical shock in the bathroom. Locate the master GFCI outlet and hit the set button. Power will be restored.

The wall switch

Where there are no issues with the two mentioned above, the next area to check on is the wall switch. Where the wires are not well connected, the switch will not work properly. You can use a voltage tester to test if the terminals of the wires are properly connected.

bathroom exhaust fan problems

Bathroom exhaust fan problems can be due to housing outlet

Some technology has housing outlets. Check the outlet if there is no problem with the wall switch. When you remove the bath van cover, you will locate the outlet. Unplug the motor plug and test if there is a power supply to the housing outlet.

A burnt motor

If the entire test recommended above has proved negative in the drive to discover the cause of the bathroom exhaust fan problems; check the motor of the device. If the motor is burnt, issues will come up. When you plug the motor into an extension cord that is in turn connected to a good outlet; the motor should turn on. If the reverse is the case; then you need to buy a new motor.


When the bath cover is neglected, you risk getting poor performance from this device. If the air circulation is poor; take a look at the cover. If the cover is dirty, simply have it cleaned up and you are good to go. A clogged and dirty cover will block about 90% of the air that is supposed to go into circulation.

When fan blades fail to spin properly

Just as is the case with the fan cover, a dirty fan blade will produce issues that will give you cause for worry. Remove the cover of the fan blade and push the fan with your finger. If it does not spin freely, then you need to oil the fan. Where the fan still refused to rotate freely; then you need to change the fan.

The vent

Turn on the fan and check the outside of the vent cover. The common phenomenon here includes bird’s nest in the vent. When the flapper of the vent cover is closed, there will be issues. You can shine a flashlight into the vent hose to know if the problem is from there.


When you are faced with the challenges of bathroom exhaust fan problems; some of the issues are not too technical; they are ordinary. When you take simple DIY steps like the ones above; you can get back the grove of your device. There are not many technical details involved.

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