Is Foam or Coil Mattress Better for a Baby?

Sleep is very important in the life of newborn babies. They spend most of their early weeks on earth sleeping. Deciding on the best mattress for the baby will go all the way to define the life of the child in the future. Is foam or coil mattress better for a baby? We shall take a look at the positives from the two and at the end; the decision on which way to go will be left to each reader after reading through the pros that come with each of the mattresses.  



They are sourced from more environmental materials and are very organic for the baby. Expect excellent comfort for your baby when they sleep on a foam mattress.


It is not easy to find a completely organic spring mattress. You can get models that are a little eco-friendly.

Verdict: As far as organic/eco-friendliness is concerned, the foam mattress has the edge over the coil mattress.

Consider comfort in is foam or coil mattress better for baby 


Support for the baby is more important than comfort at the early stage in life. The support rating from the foam mattress is poor. When it comes to excellent spinal alignment, the foam mattress is poor in this regard.


They are not as soft as foam mattresses. The inner springs bring in the needed support for the frame of the newborn infant. There are comfort layers inside the mattress that delivers comfort and go all the way to support the frame of the baby.

Verdict: If we are to give a candid answer to is foam or coil mattress better for the baby in terms of support; the coil mattress has it over the foam mattress.

The edge support


The edge support for a foam mattress is suspect. Foam mattresses are not well known for their brilliant edge support. The sagging of the edge of the foam is due to several reasons. When the mattress is too small for the crib; there will be issues. If the child is in the habit of sleeping close to the edge of the bed; issues will arise. There are however excellent models that will deliver quality edge support.


The edge support here is brilliant because of the coil technology that comes with this model. They have coil lined edge that gives them the adequate support that is required by the baby. There will be no need for a bed rail with this technology.

Verdict: The coil mattress again has the edge here when it comes to edge support on the mattress which is required for supporting the baby while they are asleep.

Durability in is foam or coil mattress better for baby


The foam mattress will look great in shape when you buy it new. With gradual use, however; it will begin to lose its initial appeal in firmness. It breaks down from the core with time. The support that your baby needs will be taken away gradually with use.


The springs of the coil mattress are made from thick steel. This makes them more durable when compared to foam mattresses.

Verdict: Here again, we give it to the coil mattress if you want something that will last you for a long time. 


Having gone this far; is foam or coil mattress better for a baby? The conclusion can be drawn from the comparisons that have been given above. If you wanted something as a short-time investment; then you can get something ideal among the foam mattress models. However, the best results can be gotten through coil mattresses. 

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