Professional Tips on How to Vent a Bathroom With No Outside Access

The bathroom is naturally damp. Healthy practices that will take care of the humidity in the bathroom will be sustained if there is good ventilation. Answers to the question: how to vent a bathroom with no outside access will be professionally answered in this article.

How to vent a bathroom with no outside access with the right van

Choosing the ideal option that will give you expected results is the foundational step to achieving a damp-free bathroom. The size of your bathroom should be considered in the search for the ideal among the several models that you will come across.

Some of them are popular. The following are popular brands:

  • Axial Fan
  • Overshadow fan
  • Centrifugal fan

You are expected to look at the features that come with the fan before you invest in any of them. They must have a simple interface. Those with smart devices that come on when you enter the bathroom and switch off when you step out are great choices.

Make the right decisions

When you want to go about the process of how to vent a bathroom with no outside access; extra care should be taken to follow the specifics. If the aim is to get a suitable replacement; you can simply rely on the DIY technique. It will be easy to make use of existing vents as well as electrical connections.

For those that are not comfortable working with electricity; it is advised that they look in the direction of the pros for the right installation. The professionals know how to run vents to your roof and the electrical wiring that is required.

Install it at the right spot

 Choosing the right model for your bathroom is not enough if you fail to install it at the right spot. The fan should be close to your shower or tub. Do not locate it close to the air-conditioning unit or the heating vent. This is to prevent interference. The exhaust fans need to vent outside the house. 

Avoid Inexpensive flexible duct for best results

The best result can be achieved with the introduction of metal or PVC ductwork. When rigid ducts or PVC plastic are used in the fabrication; you are going to achieve long-lasting results from the model.

Straight and short duct runs

Another important mistake to avoid is running long ducts. The longer the duct runs, the more difficult it is for the device to move air. If the use of long ducts cannot be avoided; then you have to upsize your fan.

Multiple families

If you are living in a large building; then you are advised to go for commercial ductwork. This will take care of the needs of the several families that are housed in the building. You need the professionals for proper installations. This will help unify the airflow and give breathability that matters in the bathroom.

Cost of the fan

It will not be out of place to let our readers know how much it will cost to get a unit. What you are going to spend plus installation costs depends on the model of the fan that you are interested in. It will cost between $230 and $537plus the installation charges.

This will go up if you wanted to add ductwork. It will cost an additional $1800 to $3000. If you add a plug-in fan during the process; the overhead costs will come down. 


At the juncture; the question of how to vent a bathroom with no outside access should not arise again. All the technical details needed to achieve the best in the bathroom have been exposed above.

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