Should Twins Sleep Together When Newborns?

We are going to consider the pros and cons in our attempt to give a clear answer to this all-important question: Should twins sleep together when newborns? There are two sides to the coin here and we shall consider both sides and give a final verdict at the end of his informative article. The twins spend their lives together during the period of pregnancy and as such will get used to each other before birth.

Disadvantages of twins sleeping together when they are newborns

  • The twins might not be the same. One might be the sleeping type while the other keeps tossing in the cot. Irritability for the sleeping type will set in.
  • There is the likelihood of sleeping improperly under the blankets when twins are put together in the same cot. Suffocation is a possibility under this condition.
  • Space constraints will be an issue when the twins start growing bigger as space for each in the cot gets smaller. 

Should twins sleep together when newborns? The advantages in it

We shall now take a look at advantages that can be derived when newborn multiple births are made to sleep in the same cot.

  • Let us start with convenience on the part of the nursing parents. When the twins sleep together; it will be pretty easy to adequately take care of their needs. Monitoring both of them at the same time comes easy.
  • It is to the health benefits of the twins. This is more so where the twins are born in the cold of the winter. They will provide each other the needed warmth that is required to counter the cold weather. 
  • If the twins are to sleep comfortably together, then they need the touch of the human that will make the environment cozy for them. 
  • The twins grew up together in the womb of their mother and will find it easy to adapt to each other easily in the same cot.
  • They sleep better and gain weight better with less challenge of apnea and bradycardia.
  • The birth of most of the twins is premature. Sleeping together will bring down the risk of SID.

Our verdict on this subject matter is a big yes. The benefits of sleeping together are higher most especially when the babies are in their early months on earth. 

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The question now is: what are the safe practices to be involved in to achieve the best results for your twins when they sleep together in the same colt? This is our takeaway.

  • Make use of a light blanket to avoid suffocation. The combined body heat of the twins will add to the warmth in their colt.
  • Make sure you choose a baby crib design that will enable the twins to see more of each other.
  • The cry of one of the babies will not disturb the sleep of the other. Babies sleep deep and the cry of one will in no way distract the other.
  • Do not allow the babies to touch each other in the colt. Position them in such a way that makes their feet to be at the opposite ends of the colt. They will not obstruct each other’s breathing in that position.
  • Put the kids to sleep with a pacifier.
  • Do not allow toys in their colt.


Are you still in doubt on the right answer to the question: should twins sleep together when newborns? We have left no stone unturned in giving the right answer to the question. The benefits far outweigh the disadvantages.

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