What is Amazon Echo Dot?

In todays every growing market of smart phones and smart appliances, it can get mind boggling on which one is the most superior and most fitting for you and your lifestyle. With some many high tech features, it can get confusing to some customers to choose or compare. SO today I will be helping you by giving you my reviews on the Amazon Echo Dot Second generation along with its other market competitors such as the Amazon Tap.

Amazon Echo Dot

Amazon Echo Dot is a hands free, voice-controlled gadget that uses the same far-field voice acknowledgment as Amazon Echo. Dot has a small inherent speaker—it can likewise interface with your speakers over Bluetooth or with the included sound link. Dot interfaces with the Alexa Voice Service to play music, give data, news, sports scores, climate, and then some—in a split second.

Amazon Echo Dot can hear you from over the room, even while music is playing. When you need to utilize Echo Dot, simply say the wake word “Alexa” and Dot reacts right away. In the event that you have more than one Echo or Echo Dot, Alexa reacts keenly from the Echo gadget you’re nearest to with ESP (Echo Spatial Perception).
So let’s start with the newest gadget, the amazon echo dot. This small, sleek and light weight design. Is designed to fit in any room of your house and still look like a piece of the furniture. With its modern hands free design its creators have definitely thought of the style and blend factor when placed amidst your home. The Amazon echo dot also has a range of high tech features to make it versatile and unique from its competitors such as voice control, far-field voice recognition and of course the intelligent Alexa app all of which allow you to play Pandora or Spotify in amazing sound quality, open or close your garage door, switch on or off light and even order pizza!
Whether you’re in your room, or outside your house — speaking to Alexa on your smart app can have your music playing in your bedroom by the time you get home or turn on or off any smart home products you have without you being there, so long as they are all connected. Currently though there is only 4 products that can connect to the Alexa Amazon Echo and these are your smart phone the Amazon Echo Dot, Microsoft Cortana and Logitech Harmony products. A massive positive to this product is you get all these high tech features in such an affordable price making it one of the premium quality and affordable smart products on the market currently.
But what about its competitor the Amazon Tap and how does it stack up against the Amazon Echo Dot?
Well firstly they both work on the same platform using the Alexa app as its main connection, the Amazon Tap is a larger unit compared to the Echo Dot however is designed to be more portable that the Amazon Echo Dot with its durability target solely to the younger more active market. The Amazon Tap also includes a range of quality features such as a solid battery life of 9 hours on the go, Dolby speakers for exceptional quality and a variety of coloured carrying cases for you to give it your on personal flair. The one thing that I found slightly annoying with the Amazon Tap is the fact you have to tap the microphone button to talk to Alexa, before you feed into your other connected devices such as Spotify and the fact it’s only available to Amazon Prime Subscribers at the moment.
The Final Verdict
Both products are unique in their own way and to it’s a hard thing to compare both given that the pros and cons of both incredible gadgets will be mainly based on the lifestyle of its user. However for me, I’d go with the Amazon Echo Dot — its functionalities and capabilities go beyond the Amazon Tap with its ability to link to a larger smart home grid. The Echo Dot is more compatible with both the IOS and Android app giving you better voice control over your home. Making the Amazon Echo dot an easy cooking assistant, smart alarm clock or order extra supplies in your pantry. But also on price point. The Amazon Echo Dot seems less expensive and more practical to those on a budget that are looking for more control over their smart home system and who don’t mind not having the portability of the Tap. In the long run the cover casings and extra payment for the warranty may add up to more than what the buyer expects to pay for the Amazon Tap.

  • Dot has admittance to a great many Alexa “Aptitudes”
  • Sound out port and Bluetooth speaker bolster
  • Amazon Echo Dot is budget friendly
  • Alexa application can be buggy
  • Two Alexa gadgets in adjoining rooms will both attempt to answer questions
  • Amazon Echo Dot is Iron deficient sound from the inherent speaker



Echo Dot Case, Portable Carrying Travel Bag Protective Hard Case Cover for Amazon Echo Dot (2nd Generation) with Carabiner (Fits USB Cable and Wall Charger)

Amazon Echo Dot Case Is The Perfect Warm Shelter For Your Baby Echo Dot.

Helpful and Simple to Use

Small and conservative size, simple to hold close by, essentially zip it up and hurl it into your knapsack or gear for travel or open air sports. You simply hang it on your rucksack with the carabiner, and after that take it wherever you go.


Extraordinarily intended for Amazon Echo Dot and All-New Echo Dot (second Generation).

Interesting Mesh Interlayer Design – Leaving enough space for USB Cable and Charger, which can shield your reverberate speck from scratching.

Brilliant – Made of strong PU material, intense, sturdy, pressure safe, hostile to scratching, against stun; Classic zipper intended for effortlessly opening and shutting and keeping soils and cleans away.

Best Value – Comes with a separable twofold security screw-bolt carabiner for holding tight knapsack, bike, belt, and so on., and two link accumulation elastic groups for making your link no chaos.


  • Not too bad Echo dot Case
  • It is very protective
  • Voice initiation bolster


  • Not compact
  • Expensive

Echo Dot second Generation, Stand Guard Holder Protective Case for Amazon Echo Dot, (Fits Echo Dot second Generation Only) White

Decent modified dress

Manufactured stunning outside, premium smaller scale texture inside surface to secure the aluminum body of your Echo Dot.

Divider mount work

A tweaked defensive dress, as well as a divider mount for your Amazon All-New Echo Dot second Generation.


2 USAGES – Not just a redid defensive dress, additionally a divider mount for your Amazon All-New Echo Dot second Generation. With a wrist strap.

Consummate DESIGN – A little snare that holds the speck set up so it doesn’t slip out. It could even be mounted upside down. Provides access to all ports and catches and full perspective of the light ring from any edge. Simple to introduce and secure.

Divider MOUNT FUNCTION – Mount your Echo Dot second Generation on the divider, furniture or apparatus anyplace you can consider at any stature of any room. Accessible in 5 hues to supplement any room.

Claim to fame – Specially intended to splendidly fit Amazon Echo Dot. Put on a lovely altered Dress for your Echo Dot.



  • Works with an expansive scope of savvy home items and administrations
  • Extremely Inexpensive
  • Conservative in Size


  • It is less advanced than Google Assistant
  • Receivers don’t adapt well in conditions with boisterous surrounding clamor
  • Lousy speaker (include your own)

Alexa Voice Remote for Amazon Echo and Echo Dot

Official remote for Amazon Echo and Echo Dot.

Interfaces with Amazon Echo and Echo Dot by means of Bluetooth

Incorporates a coordinated mouthpiece for when you are too far away or it’s excessively loud for Echo, making it impossible to hear you

Devoted secure for volume, volume down, play/stop, past, and next

Amazon Echo and Echo Dot work with one remote at any given moment


Modest. Liberal application and administration stage. Alexa and voice pursuit are valuable.

Alexa elements are somewhat restricted contrasted to Amazon Echo.

So in a nutshell, the Echo Dot has greater audio flexibility and is a cheap and effective way to expand the use of the Alexa app to other rooms of our home, for better central control . The Tap is a lot more suited for more active and younger uses who like to remain connected in any location and aren’t concerned about the in home features and little luxuries the Amazon Echo Dot can bring.

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